About us


You can literally ask any local what it means, and they will tell you.

The months of January and February mark the onset of the carnival season in Aruba. Numerous activities take place during the carnival season, yet the parades stand out as the most enjoyable. Along with the numerous activities that take place during the carnival season, prizes are also awarded to musicians. One of the prizes is the “Road Jam”. The “Road Jam” is widely recognized as the public’s choice for the best carnival music of the year. That’s why we endeavor to provide our audience with the ultimate music experience by featuring a live carnival band, ensuring the best possible ambiance and enjoyment for all.

The band 

We understand that the idea of having a live band perform on a bus may seem unconventional or even unusual. It’s because we are the only party bus in the world that has a live band performing onboard, providing our guests with a unique & unparalleled entertainment experience. 

Our concept is to immerse our visitors in the exciting and lively atmosphere of Aruban carnival celebrations. To achieve this, we have innovatively devised the idea of featuring the best of the best band members from different carnival bands on a party bus.

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